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Products - Rotary Screens

Rotary screens provide wide range of capabilities exceeding 300 tons per hour. Rotary screen sizes range from 4’-0” to 6’-0” diameter and lengths from 6’-0” to 15’-0” long. Screen cloth is sized to specific applications with generally smaller openings on the first half of the length.

Rotary screens are low maintenance due to the low rotation speed of approximately 12 RPM. Rotary screens are totally enclosed providing an efficient means of dust collecting with an added benefit of substantial amount of sand cooling due to the tumbling action of the sand. Foreign material, core butts, and tramp metal are discharged via the overflow chute. Rotary screens will reduce sand lumps and clay balls, reducing waste sand stream amounts.

Appleton Electric Foote Foundry

Appleton Electric
Rotary Screen 4’ Diameter x 10’

Foote Foundry
Rotary Screen 5’ Diameter x 10’

Weil McLain Wisconsin Aluminum

Weil McLain
Rotary Screen 6’ Diameter x 14’

Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry
Rotary Screen 5’ Diameter x 10’