Summit Foundry Systems, Inc.

2100 Wayne Haven Avenue

Fort Wayne, IN 46803

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Electrical Controls

Summit Foundry Systems Inc. designs electrical control systems to operate foundry sand and mold handling systems equipment at peak efficiency.  Only equipment that has been proven to perform in the harsh foundry environment is utilized, and all of our control systems have “Smart Start” Programming.  Control systems are configured by our in house professional controls engineering staff.

Advanced Cast Products Benton

Molding Handling Control Panel
Advanced Cast Products

Mold Handling Remote
Operator Station
Benton Foundry

Smart Start Programming Mold Hnadler and Sand System

Molding Handling Controls
with “Smart Start” Programming

Mold Handling and Sand System
Control Panels
with Motor Control Center

AFK Corp Weil McLain

Sand System Control Panel
AFK Corporation

Sand System Control Panel
Weil McLain

Foote Interior Foote Exterior

Sand System Control Panel
Foote Foundry

Sand System Control Panel
Foote Foundry