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Mold Handling - Cope & Drag

Cope & Drag mold handling systems are custom designed, and available Automated or Semi-Automated for mold sizes ranging 24”x24” through 72”x72” at rates up to 300 molds per hour. Systems include coring area, mold weight shifter, pouring zone, mold cooling zone, mold hydraulic punch out, flask separation, empty flask return conveyors to molding machine, and automation through molding machines.

GH Hensley 1 GH Hensley 2

GH Hensley
5 Lines, 15 molds per Line
Hydraulic assisted manual indexing, Mold Punch-Out

Sterling Casting 1 Sterling Casting 2

Sterling Casting Company
Molding Machine, Automatic Mold Handler, Single Mold per Car
90 molds per hour