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Products - Bucket Elevators

Bucket Elevators are available in a wide range from single through triple rows of buckets with capacities from 20 to 450 tons per hour, and sand temperatures up to 450 degrees. All bucket elevators feature extra hinged access doors and bolted removable cover plates. Structural angle frame provides complete support even if the 3/16” plate casing skin has been compromised from corrosion, allowing for easy reskinning of the bucket elevator. All moving components are foundry duty. Service platforms are fabricated from heavy duty structural members.

Weil McLain Lincoln Foundry

Weil McLain Co.
Two Double 16’x8” Bucket, 55’ c/c
with Service Platforms and Ladders

Lincoln Foundry
Double 10”x6” Bucket, 34’-10” c/c
with Service Platform and Ladder

AFK Corp Wisconsin Aluminum

AFK Corporation
Double 12”x7” Bucket, 32’-6” c/c
with Service Platform

Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry Co.
Double 12”x7” Bucket, 18’-6” c/c
with Service Platform and Ladder