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Fort Wayne, IN 46803

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Why Summit? - Compelling reasons to purchase "Foundry Proven" Automatic Indexing Mold Handling Systems from Summit Foundry Systems...

1. We have over Twenty Years of continuously building "Foundry Proven" Automatic Indexing Mold Handling Systems. Each New System is foundry engineered and built from experience gained in previous systems.

2. We have engineered Automatic Indexing Mold Handling Systems for the latest designs of Automatic Molding Machines, and have demonstrated abilities to work hand in hand with all Automatic Molding Machine Manufacturers. All systems are custom designed to fit your unique space, pouring, cooling and mold shakeout requirements.

3. Summit Foundry Systems has mastered the high-speed gentle mold movement utilizing proportional hydraulic valves and electrical control systems necessary to operate on a 18 second cycle (200 Molds Per Hour).

4. Summit Foundry Systems has mastered gentle mold movement without mold shift, utilizing hydraulic shock absorbers, ultra high-density polyurethane and other high technology components and materials.

5. Summit Foundry Systems has mastered single and multiple molds per car design to meet custom system designs to fit in your available space.

6. Our Operating System has “Smart Start” an Internal Diagnostics, prompting operating personnel with the routine operation of the Automatic Indexing Mold Handling Systems. If the system stops, the exclusive “Smart Start” diagnostic system will prompt the operator with descriptive messages to re-start the system or identify the problem quickly to insure high up-time for the system. This, in-depth, continuously expanding, diagnostic system has taken years to develop and fine tune.

7. We have support engineers and field service technicians that intimately understand all aspects of our equipment in the unlikely event that you need immediate assistance.

8. Summit Foundry Systems has twenty years plus of experience selecting components for our Automatic Indexing Mold Handling Systems that will withstand tough foundry environments. Our key suppliers are Allen-Bradley, Parker Hannifin, Martin Gear & Sprocket, Morse and Sealmaster.

9. Our first Automatic Indexing Mold Handling Systems are still operating and providing labor savings and profits for our Customers.

10. We have experienced and trained technical representatives in close proximity of your facility. They have engineering degrees, years of experience, and understand the wide scope of Foundry Operations and Equipment.