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Engineering Services

Summit Foundry Systems' experience and knowledge will provide a unique perspective to your foundry's vision of the future. Our team of foundry engineers will work closely with you throughout all phases of your project from concept to startup. Key project milestones are identified and monitored during the life of your project to ensure the highest quality systems and equipment are delivered on time, within budget.

Summit Foundry Systems will work with you to successfully complete projects ranging from the design and build of single pieces of equipment to the development, installation, and start up of entire new foundry systems. We offer complete turnkey installation services including our field service engineers to supervise the assembly and connection of all equipment.

Phase one: Planning to provide answers -

Once you have met with our field representatives to fully evaluate your needs, a thorough review begins with our experienced team of foundry engineers. The review anticipates your needs by yielding two important products. First, a system is conceived to merge with your current operation and future expansion plans. And second, the planned system is presented in the form of a detailed quotation that lists each piece of equipment in your system.


Phase two: Engineering the heart of the whole system -

Once you have approved the system design and costs, we begin the task of engineering the system equipment into your facility. We address the specific requirements of your system equipment including electrical, compressed air and water services connection points. We outline the necessary concrete work and any building alterations that must be completed to house your new system. During the process, we focus on completing the installation of the equipment with a minimal impact on your current production operation.


Phase three: Fabrication and testing of your new system -

Each system is unique with equipment which must be custom fabricated, assembled and thoroughly tested to assure optimum performance. Every step in the building of your equipment, from fabrication to programming, is decided by the specifics of your system. Prior to shipment, each piece of equipment is completely assembled and tested in our facility. Each component is fine tuned for maximum production. During this stage of the project, we invite you to monitor the progress of your equipment and suggest that you approve the equipment before it is disassembled for shipment.


Phase four: Installation and start up -

An installation schedule is developed to coordinate the logical installation of your equipment. As each truck load of equipment arrives at your foundry, our field supervisors and erectors secure and assemble the pieces in their designated locations. Once all equipment is in place, our foundry engineers complete a field inspection and start up of the system begins. The equipment is again tuned during a thorough trial and the entire system is monitored for optium performance. During start up we train your key operating personnel, using a structured training program, in the proper operation of your new system. This structured training program includes detailed training manuals which cover the layout of equipment, operator interface screens, start up & sequence of operation, and maintenance & adjustments. Our foundry engineers remain at your facility until your final acceptance is received and your new system is running to your expectations. A complete parts catalog is provided for your reference, and periodic visits will be made to address any future questions which may arise concerning your system.


"We had problems with our old sand system and made the decision to get bids to have it updated. Summit Foundry Systems got the bid because they went the extra mile with their extensive engineering and the quality of detailed up-front work that went into their proposal. None of our needs were left unanswered.

The system that Summit engineered and built for us, with better system features and heavier duty equipment, has brought our molding sand back into control. With cooler sand, less finishing, better castings, and up to 60% reduced scrap, Summit has made us more competitive. Our new sand system has eliminated all of our serious defect and finishing problems, improved our production scheduling, and has given us new capabilities to do other types of casting. With full confidence, we can go after jobs that we had difficulity with before.

Summit went the extra mile with a system that works better than we expected. Every foundry that has plans for expansion should give Summit the chance to bid. We look forward to working with Summit again on projects planned for the future." - Bob Prentice, AFK Corporation, Ripon, WI.