Summit Foundry Systems, Inc.

2100 Wayne Haven Avenue

Fort Wayne, IN 46803

Phone: 260.749.7740

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About Us

Summit Foundry Systems, Inc. has been designing, manufacturing, installing, and servicing the foundry industry, both ferrous and non-ferrous, since 1981. Our projects range from individual components of sand handling equipment, like elevators and conveyors, to entire sand systems with water addition COOLtech™, screening, storage bins, and building additions to accommodate the sand system. While addressing our customer’s current and future needs, we have evolved into the leader in the design and manufacturing of automatic indexing mold handling systems.

In 1996 we designed and built a new facility
to meet our future manufacturing needs.
All of the equipment that we manufacture
is completely assembled and tested
in our facility.


Summit Foundry Systems BuildingSummit Foundry Systems ManufacturingEngineering DepartmentBuilding Addition Benton Foundry1Benton Foundry 2

Our engineering staff has
170 accumulated years of experience
in the custom design of foundry systems
and equipment. Most of our engineers
have been at Summit since the beginning.

In 2008 we doubled the size of our facility
to accommodate our manufacturing
requirements. This allowed us to
design, assemble and test what is possibly
the largest mold handler in the United States.