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Products - Drag Chain Conveyors

Drag Chain Conveyors offer an economical means to handle spill sand and shakeout sand at rates up to 30 tons per hour. Drag chain conveyors are ideally suited to handle spill sand under molding machines especially automatic molding machines. A concrete trough is poured ranging from 24” to 36” wide depending on rated capacity with depths approximately 36” deep. There is absolutely no clean-up of drag chain conveyors that is normally associated with belt conveyors in a pit. Maintenance is minimal. Chain and drag flights are replaced on a periodic basis, depending on duty cycle. Bar grating is fitted at floor level to form a flush surface.

Shakeout drag chain conveyors are ideally suited for small to medium size foundries as a means to convey shakeout sand to the return sand system. The drag chain conveyor conveys material at 10 feet per minute which promotes sand cooling. Drag chain conveyor lengths are available in lengths exceeding 100 feet.

Customers with our Drag Chain Conveyors installed are Erie Bronze & Aluminum Co. and Lincoln Foundry Co.




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